My Transformative Journey Into wholefood Plant-Based Living


Nella D And Jac

We have made quality of life our goal. It’s not something that we just strive for–we live by this principle every day. Plants play a huge part in our lives to help us achieve this.

While I cook, grow chilli plants and some herbs, Jac runs our smallholding. We have plenty of raised beds and two poly tunnels, growing as much fresh food as possible. Jac has her own YouTube channel Gone Potty Gardening, which we'd love you to subscribe to.

We have lived in the West of Ireland since 2016 and are both from the UK.

photo of Nella D and Jac
photo of Nella D and Jac

Nella D's Health Journey

My health had recently reached its lowest point in late 2023. At sixty-one, obese, and suffering from multiple severe illnesses, I found it difficult to look forward to the future. Then I reflected on a time when I had previously adopted a wholefood, plant-based diet and restored my health and wellbeing.

A recent health prognosis indicated that I would most likely have a brief, challenging life, since I had let my diet slip. Therefore, I made a big decision. I returned to the whole food, plant-based way of life, that had served me so well before.

I share as much of my journey as I can, through my 'Nella's progress posts,' recipes and upcoming videos.

Nella's Progress

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silver spoon on black ceramic bowl with vegetables
silver spoon on black ceramic bowl with vegetables