A Way Of LIfe That Was Killing Me

My lifestyle was killing me - a wholefood plant-based journey to a vibrant new way of life, was needed. Explore my story now!


Nella D

Nella at Uluru with a glass of champagne in hand
Nella at Uluru with a glass of champagne in hand

My quest to better health has a long way to go, but every journey begins with an inspiration or a "aha" moment.

For years, I'd been treating symptoms rather than making changes that might enhance my health. My medical history was complicated, spanning from neurological to gastrointestinal, immunological to respiratory. I turned into a walking pharmacy, and my irregular work schedule made it difficult to overcome.

At the height of my profession, I was flying all over the world, teaching and lecturing. With different time zones and an inability to prepare my own meals, I was often reliant on others for nutrition. Fortunately, all of my hosts went above and above to offer me with the appropriate dishes. However, it was not simple when travelling. Airlines provide vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and kosher alternatives, among others. When you have a specific diet, you rarely get to choose from a menu.

A crew member brought me a pear on one of my flights back from Australia. Just one pear. As I consumed it, I observed that everyone else was getting sandwiches, snack packets, and yoghurt. I inquired as to why my meal consisted of only one piece of fruit in comparison. I was told it was because I was listed as having a gluten-free diet, and that's what the caterers had provided for me. I was dissatisfied with the disparity and asked to talk with someone more senior.

Eventually, a senior crew member came over to console me. It wasn't so much that I desired more, as it was the inequality that bothered me. My fare was paid like everyone else's, but for some reason, the caterers believed it was appropriate to provide me far less than others.

I offered some nuts to eat and was told that because I wasn't in business class, they couldn't provide me with any. That was a red rag to bull, and I informed them that they had now added insult to injury! The officer said, "Leave it with me," and later returned with a full bag of dates, nuts, and raisins from business class. I was appreciative, but disappointed that I had to create a fuss to get any fairness.

Travelling and eating outside of the usual western diet was difficult, and I often gave up, ate the wrong things, and suffered as a result. Unfortunately, doing so meant that I had to take medication to recover from the affects on my system. It, in my opinion, contributed to a downward spiral of health problems.

As my health deteriorated, I was forced to resign from travel-related job, and I regained control over what I could consume.

We reside on a smallholding in Ireland's west. My spouse, Jackie, and I adopted the lifestyle of growing as much of our food as we could in Ireland. We invested in polytunnels, raised beds, premium compost, and seeds, and we now grow a portion of our own food. Gone Potty Gardening is Jackie's own YouTube channel.

With no overseas trips and more homegrown food, I was readjusting to a less stressful and more fulfilling lifestyle. Nonetheless, my health remained an issue, and despite better nutrition and a healthier lifestyle, I was deteriorating. Something had to change, and the seeds of change were sowed during an unexpected trip to the local doctor.

In the next blog, I will discuss my initial exploration of a wholefood plant-based way of life after a traumatic encounter led to a consultation with the local doctor.

Dr Brooke Goldner discusses diet and inflammation HERE


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silver spoon on black ceramic bowl with vegetables
silver spoon on black ceramic bowl with vegetables