6.5 Weeks Plant-Based

In just 6.5 weeks, experience the remarkable energy transformation of a whole food plant-based diet. Discover the power of plant-based living at GonePlantBased.com.


Nella D

silhouette of person on top of a mountain arms outstretched
silhouette of person on top of a mountain arms outstretched

After 6.5 weeks on a whole food plant based diet, I am astounded by the noticeable changes in my energy levels and overall sense of well-being. Incorporating whole foods into my daily meals has not only invigorated my body but also sparked a newfound connection to the earth and its natural bounty. The process of sourcing and preparing vibrant, organic plant based produce, has cultivated a deeper appreciation for the nourishment that Mother Nature provides for us.

One unexpected revelation from this journey is the significant weight loss I have experienced, without feeling deprived or restricted. So far it is 30lbs! My clothes are looser and I’m struggling to keep my trousers from falling down! I don’t like things to be close fitting and even at an ideal weight, I will always buy clothes larger than my natural size. But trousers falling down…..I need to sort that out soon.

Embracing a plant-based diet has allowed me to indulge in delicious, nutrient-dense meals while shedding excess pounds effortlessly. This revisit to a wholefood plant based food diet, has refocussed my perception and its role in achieving optimal health, paving the way for continued exploration and growth on this transformative path.

Blood sugar levels have reduced and for the past fortnight, I have measured in the normal range. I have even been able to significantly reduce some diabetes medications. One day, I hope I won’t need any, but it’s a great start so far. My blood pressure and resting pule are also much better and in the normal range, without any help from prescribed drugs.

Yesterday I went for a DXA scan. I’ve been dependent on steroids for so long that my chances of osteoporosis are high. I’ve been taking Vitamin D3 and K2 but the scan will tell me what the situation is right now. The nurse sent me for some related blood tests and I cheekily asked if she could check my B12. Thankfully she agreed and soon I hope to have as much information as possible regarding my bone health and nutrient levels.

This time around, I am far more excited by the colours and smells of fresh foods, grown and consumed in their healthiest state. What is wonderful for us, is that we have a smallholding and Jackie grows a lot of fruit and veg, which we can harvest and use at its freshest. Nothing is wasted and with a plant based diet, I am adding to compost bin significantly. I love recycling and when it is from our home grown food, it feels so good to give back the cycle of growth and nutrition. If you like gardening or are interested to follow what we grow here, please do go to Jackie’s YouTube channel Gone Potty Gardening, subscribe and join in with the lovely comments.

Managing any change of lifestyle is always a challenge and I have to admit at times I have pushed myself to the limit. As someone with some serious mobility, joint and breathing issues, it hasn’t always been easy. Easier would have been sitting back and continuing as I was – eating processed, preprepared foods with much lower nutritional values and reducing my lifespan and its quality.

Jackie has been a great help and done all she can to assist and encourage. Helping with shopping, chopping and lifting the heavy pots and pans has been plentiful. As a result, I tend to batch cook, so I have a ready supply and on days I don’t feel up to cooking, there is always something easy and healthy to reheat. I am deeply grateful as she doesn’t follow this way of eating.

The initial dramatic weight loss is slowing down and I welcome that now. My body needs this to happen – at least I feel it does and as they say, ‘slow and steady’ wins the race. The path ahead is for a better, longer and more productive life. None of us know how long we will live and nothing is certain. What I do know is that each day, feeling sick and lacking in vitality, is a day that could be avoided by making healthier changes. The plants are helping me with more energy and increasing the number of days when I feel quite well in myself.

As I reflect on these past 6.5 weeks, it is evident that adopting a plant-based lifestyle extends far beyond food choices – it is a harmonious embrace of nature's gifts that yield immeasurable benefits for mind, body, and spirit. It is a chance to be grateful that I have help too and that as I become less dependent, I have had a great supportive start.


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silver spoon on black ceramic bowl with vegetables
silver spoon on black ceramic bowl with vegetables